Our Orchard

History of Vogel Orchard:

George and Nelda Vogel married in 1951 and planted their first orchard in 1953 on fertile sandy soil just south of their home.  Until 1972, the peaches were sold at the Vogel house, pick-your-your-own, or wholesale to larger markets.  In 1972, they opened their current retail location near where George's father, Armand, used to sell eggs under a shade tree. Armand also had a few peach trees, taking the Vogel "peach lineage" back to the early 1900's.

The Vogel children, Carolyn, Donald, Denise, Jacque, and Jamey, all grew up helping with the business.  In 1997, George contracted a very serious illness, from which he recovered, but not before he and Nelda realized that they must slow down. Jamey, his wife Terri, and their children Joshua and Baylie, jumped at the chance and moved back home in May of 1998 to take over the family farm. George and Nelda are still involved in the orchard operations.

Vogel Orchard continues to offer may of the same items that it has for many years, including peaches, homemade cobblers, tomatoes, plums, blackberries, watermelons, cantaloupes,and other assorted fresh vegetables.  We also offer the favored, homemade Nelda's Peach Preserves, Peach Butter, Peach Butter Chipotle Sauce, Blackberry Jelly, Plum Jelly, Pear Preserves, Fig Preserves and more.  Vogel Orchard is also open long weekends in the fall with a real pick-your-own pumpkin patch and Fall store.  We continue to sell all of these items, as available, direct from our family to yours at Vogel Orchard.

Buying Peaches:

Common Quantities:
½ Bushel: 25 lbs. (The largest box commonly sold)
¼ Bushel: 13-16 lbs. (Also commonly referred to as a “peck”)
1/8 Bushel: 7-10 lbs.
Clingstone: Flesh clings to the pit (or stone). Generally the early varieties.
Freestone: Flesh separates completely from the pit.
Semi-free or Semi-cling: Flesh will separate from the pit when ripe.
We currently have more than 20 varieties, which ripen in overlapping stages from mid May to August.  If you would like to receive crop updates via email, please let us know through our contact form!


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Ripening Dates:

The approximate first picking date is shown below. Each variety harvests 10-20 days. Please call or check website for variety availability. Harvest dates may vary as much as two weeks depending on current weather conditions.



May 15



May 20

June Gold


May 23

Ruby Prince


May 30



June 2

Southern Pearl Semi-free (white-fleshed) June 2


Freestone June 8

Cary Mac


June 16



June 20

Red Globe


June 25



June 27



July 9

Ruston Red


July 10



July 13



July 25



Aug 1



Aug 3

Handling your Vogel Orchard Peaches:

While we cannot pick all of our peaches soft off of the tree, we try to pick with good color so that they will ripen properly.
Our advice- unless you must keep the peaches a long time, do not refrigerate before they are soft. Lay them out at room temperature, such as on the kitchen counter, to finish ripening. It also works well to place them in a paper bag for ripening.  Once soft, you can then refrigerate.
In a wet year, some peaches may develop a fungus called “brown rot.” This malady is very hard to control and often does not become evident until after the peaches are sold to our customers. Brown spots will appear on the peaches overnight and will grow and spread to other peaches if not kept separated. The brown spots do not harm the whole peach, but should be cut away before use.

Freezing suggestions:

Peel, slice, and place peaches directly into a freezer bag, flattening the bag so that the slices will freeze faster. Sugar or fruit fresh are not necessary. They may be added after thawing depending on the use.

Nelda’s Peach Butter:

Straight from our kitchen to yours!! Our customers have found many uses for this favorite! Here are a few delicious ideas:
~Vanilla ice cream topping
~Baste for grilling, especially chicken, pork, or shrimp ( mix with butter, vinegar, mustard or soy sauce depending on purpose).
~Flavor pancake or cake batters
~Substitute for orange marmalade in certain recipes
~Mix with orange juice concentrate as a syrup
~Topping for biscuits and toast, of course!